Test project for a south indian educational initiative

My name is Amana I am six years old with no future !

My mother is unable to support me as she worked for daily wage of $1  in the gravel pits but recently she has been involved in a church operated sewing project  which is helping us a little. I have a brother he is five years. My daddy a fisherman was washed off the boat in a cyclone three years ago and we never saw him again.

We want to go to school but like so many other fisher folk children we are unable to do so as there is no money. If I remain uneducated by 12 years age I will be working !

My name is Amika, I am alone and only 25 years. I am the mother of Anna and Anil. We live in an area where there are more than 84,000 fisher folk. We have low caste status and are regarded as a “backward class’ living in poverty, with very bad housing. The Government recently built some one family per room residences 50 to the street and I am blessed to have this better place to live with my family. We walk to the end of the street to the toilet and get water. Many of our husbands died at sea because of cyclones, storms and accident. Like all the other women alone in India no man wants to marry me as I am used goods! I am so happy that now I am part of the sewing initiative and no longer have to work in the gravel pits breaking rocks with a hammer.

Amana and Anil are so young but unless they can go to school they have no future.  Even if I do manage to send them to the local Government school the education is very poor and they will only end up like everyone in this area working at 12 years for a daily wage in the gravel pits, on the fishing boats, menial labor, subjected to inhuman conditions or trafficked to the sex trade.

My name is Anil “ I miss my daddy? I can’t read or write but I want to ask you” Please will you help me to go to school?  I don’t want to end up working on the boats like my daddy at 12 years of age! “


As a result of relationship with this area we want to help the children condemned to little or no education to achieve and become valuable community members, reaching their full potential. We propose a test project working with four hundred of the most needy children. 


  • To equip & educate the children to achieve in later life as valuable community members.
  • To assist these children to reach their potential as human beings.
  • To prevent the inevitable waste of a life through ignorance 
  • To rescue them from the fate of the uneducated in the area [ trafficked, working in menial labor on ships, fields, gravel pits at 12 years of age].
  • To begin to break the poverty cycle.
  • To move them out of their current living status
  • To give them English education heightening their opportunity in the work force. 
  • To ensure career development & College readiness 


  • 1200 churched families needing the poverty cycle broken  
  • A very poor area with thousands of families receiving low level education 
  • Children working because of lack of opportunity, poverty and abandonment.
  • 400 children need the opportunity for educational advancement
  • of these — 35 children receiving no schooling 
  • — 65 orphans receiving minimal schooling 
  • —  300 children from fatherless families with minimal schooling 


We can help by initiating

  • A TEST PROJECT :  working with  the 400 most disadvantaged children 
  • A homeschooling internet program.
  • An Educational facility in the church for 2 hourly computer sessions
  • Supervision by Teachers from the church community to assist the program 
  • The provision of 35 Krome computers and equipment 
  • Use of Kahn Academy a complete curriculum using the internet individual child learning program, with self assessment & competency tests
  • An English learning medium
  • Establishment of the internet to enable the initiative.
  • Access to educational materials for reading & research 
  • On completion of the test project the extension of this initiative to assist the whole community 
  • Evaluation after one year of the project and assessment of the children’s progress 
  • Accountability on a regular basis to the Ministry  WITH  a visit from Four Corners at the close of the first year.
  • Rental of a building as the project grows.


  • FOR 2 YEARS  $18,930

TOTAL COSTS  FOR 2 YEARS       $ 24, 440

In a visit to this region not only was Amika & family found but 1200 families like her needing help to be self supporting not only with a sewing project but in the education of their children. Four Corners responded to begin to meet a very evident need to empower the believers to empower the church.  The Sewing Initiative  was started by Four Corners Ministries & contributions from the church 2 years ago in order that Amika and the hundred women abandoned through disaster, divorce, disease, alcoholism, drugs, or death may be self supporting. Immediately we discovered four hundred children disadvantaged through absentee fathers who were regularly unable to attend school, in an area where there are at least 1200 churched families needing educational assistance.

We discovered this family and one hundred like them in a developing relationship with the Pastor of the Kakinada church. These women who are forced to work in the gravel pits and menial low caste daily work payment jobs earning less than $1 a day are desirous of seeing their children educated. A sewing Initiative assisting them to gain self support has equipped more than twenty women in the short time it has functioned. Ten more are training.